3 Essential Pieces of Scuba Gear Most Divers Forget To Bring!

3 Essential Pieces of Scuba Gear Most Divers Forget To Bring!

For this weeks freelance diver post, we have the Scuba Diving Dreams team contributing their thoughts on 3 pieces of scuba gear most divers over look when traveling. We had the pleasure of diving with Jason several weeks ago down in Costa Rica and he was kind enough to offer to do a quick scuba info article for us to help build out our website with some more great content for you fellow divers! Enjoy 🙂

If you are traveling all over the world to go scuba diving, chances are you are either carting around all your own scuba gear, or for more short term adventures, renting equipment from the local dive shop. While 99% of the time they can easily cover you for the essentials such as a scuba mask, BCD, and fins, there are some essential pieces of scuba equipment most rental shops do not have on hand. These pieces of gear can come in extremely handy and like most things over looked, you only really wish you had brought them in situations where you desperately need them. Better to be safe than sorry so be sure to bring these 3 things on your next dive!

A Dive Knife

This is probably the most commonly forgotten piece of scuba gear that can really come in handy in a lot of situations. A dive knife can help you free marine animals tangled in discarded fishing line or garbage. 2 weeks ago we managed to cut loose a hawks-bill sea turtle that was ensnared in some loose rigging line that had been left behind on a dive site. A nice sharp titanium dive knife will resist corrosion from the sea and is small enough to be transported easily in your checked luggage. We recommend blunt tip style dive knives as they tend to be more versatile and can work as a prying tool. Anyone doing wreck or cave diving and using a guide line should always carry a high quality divers knife on them, getting tangled in the rope can be fatal, and having a scuba knife on hand can help you cut yourself free and clear the line. Trust us on this one and you won’t regret it!

dive knife

A High Quality Dive Light

This is another often forgotten piece of gear. Most scuba divers will of course bring a dive light on a night dive, but even daytime diving they have their uses. If you are going on a deep dive, especially in low visibility or during plankton blooms, powerful dive lights can help your buddy find you in an emergency situation or keep track of you at all time. Bringing an underwater flashlight with you can also help you light up the reef and reveal all the amazing colors that get lost due to the reduced light spectrum at depth. The difference can be quite shocking as anyone who has seen this effect can attest to. Having a high quality dive light with a large beam can also aid in underwater communication, which is always an added bonus for divemasters or instructors. Being able to shine your light on an eel hiding in a crevice or blink it to get another divers attention makes bringing a dive light on your next outing a no brainer. small and compact, most underwater flashlights can easily be tucked into a pocket on your BCD until you need them. We would highly recommend investing in this essential piece of scuba gear. For more gear recommendations and info, please check out scuba diving resources page

dive lights

An Underwater Camera

Thanks to modern technology we now have the ability to take amazing underwater photos or video. Having a video from your last dive adventure is a great way to convince your non diver friends to get into the sport! Divers carrying GoPros is now a common sight on most dive boats, as these tiny underwater cameras provide an amazing level of quality and are extremely rugged and come equipped with a waterproof housing. For more professional photographers or serious media creators, there are some awesome high quality waterproof cases for almost every modern DSLR camera on the market, just be warned they can be quite expensive. We cannot count the number of times other scuba divers have asked us to send them a copy of our dive footage because they either forgot to bring their underwater camera, or don’t own one. Of course this is always an option but you never know exactly what that video or picture is going to be like. It is best to bring your own waterproof camera and take the exact shots you want! You definitely will have some amazing experiences while scuba diving. From surprise whale shark or dolphin encounters to finding super interesting reef fish, bringing a camera with you is a great way to share those adventures with the world. There are some amazing scuba diving videos on youtube!

underwater camera
don’t forget your gopro!
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